About Us

North Sound Marina is the most modern marine facility in Antigua. Originally built as a private boatyard for a wealthy yacht owner, the dock, yard and ancillary buildings were constructed regardless of cost.

In 2011 the facility became available for public use and the boat storage shed and a large portion of the yard came under the control of North Sound Marine Services. Since that time, North Sound Marine Services have expanded the facilities and there are moves to bring other marine businesses onto the site including a chandlery.

Expansion of berthing facilities is also planned.

150 Ton Marine Travel Lift


Situated on the north of Antigua, North Sound Marina is close to the international airport and the city of St. John's where shopping, supermarkets, banks and all the normal services usually available in a capital city can be found. There are some local shopping facilities and a fish market in nearby Parham, formerly Antigua’s primary port.

Entry by sea is simple. There is a channel marked by on each side by two red balls just off Maiden Island and is easy to find but should only be used daylight conditions unless very familiar with the channel.

Boat in Dry Dock


The yard has a large capacity for storage ashore on a concrete base with welded stands and tie downs to satisfy insurance company requirement during the hurricane season.

Undercover storage also available up to 50 foot mast height in our boat storage shed.

Pressure washing, hull scraping, water supply and repair services. Dockage, slipway launching facilities and tender storage. Workshops and store rooms available short term leases. 150 tonne travel lift, 30 ft beam.

For all services, 50% advance deposit. All charges in US$. For the rates for all our services see our Rates page.

Level 4 Hurricane Storage Facility